08 June 2013

No turning back

Life is a road full of decisions. We all start on the same road and as we walk along it branches into many other smaller paths for us to choose. The only thing is that once we've chosen a path there is no turning back for us to choose another. No matter how that road you chose is, whether it's smooth or bumpy, you would just have to walk till the end. And you would never ever know what it's like if you chose the other path. 

The grass is greener on the other side. That is what most of the people think. Just because they haven't seen the grass on the other side, they automatically assume it will be better than the grass on their own side. The thing is, just because the grass on your side is not green enough for you does not mean that the grass on the other side is necessarily greener. They may not even be grass on the other side. People on the other side will also think that the grass is greener on your side. 

One of the things in life is that it is a one-way trip. You can't turn back time to change the path of your choice. What is done is done. So all you can do is stick to the path you've chosen and live with it. You may think that what you've got now is bad but on the other path it could have been worse. Life has its ups and downs and you won't be in the down forever. So be optimistic and look forward to the brighter future. 

Anyway, I'm thinking too much again. Over-thinking kills you, seriously. If only I could just get rid of that stupid habit. And yeah, parties & gatherings seem so much more awesome when you're not there. The good stuff always happens when you're not there. I wonder why... Life is never fair.

07 June 2013


3 years later and the blog is still here. Time really flies. So much has changed in just 3 years. If you say 3 years is a short time, it's not really short. Neither is it a really long time. But yet looking back at the previous posts 3 years ago, it seems like it was a very different me. 

Is this post a revival of my old blog? I'm also not too sure. The urge to suddenly write a blog post just came out of nowhere. Seeing as how I get bored of things easily, not too long later this blog may become abandoned again. Depends on my mood I guess. LOL

Too many thoughts running through my mind right now all scrambling to be put down into words. Ever since graduating my diploma and starting my degree, life has been pretty much the same but emotionally it's quite a roller coaster ride. Not so much on the studying part but more on the friendship part. Somehow it's so different from high school. We've been in the same classes for almost 5 years. Well, in the first two years we didn't really mix around. But still, after 2 and a half years in degree you would expect everyone to be close buddies and bffs. I mean in high school we just spent usually one year in the same class yet everyone becomes best friends forever. Why is degree life so different?? Especially since coming to Australia, we practically see each other almost everyday. And we're even living under the same roof. Yet there still seems to be a glass wall in between us that somehow cannot be broken. Or maybe it's just my problem...

Not only are relationships tough, friendships are equally tough. Is it only just me or am I imagining things? I'm prone to over-thinking things all the time but if there wasn't a spark to start it in the first place my train of thought wouldn't have went that far, right? I always thought that being friends with someone was a straightforward thing. We spend time together, we have the same interests, naturally if you see a lot of each other then you could be friends. Is this thinking too naive of me? Maybe it's cause I'm still living under a dome and haven't seen the real face of society. I tend to forget that people live under masks and hide their real faces behind these very masks. Maybe it's cause I think naively that's why I automatically assume everyone is as naive as me. Really, I'm actually just still a little girl on the inside. 

Honestly, am I doing something wrong here? Why is it that I seem to be not only repelling men but women as well? I know I'm still living inside my shell and kinda not willing to come out of it. I know I should step out of my comfort zone so that I could see the world and experience new things and possibly lead an even better life. But hey, this type of things take time okay... It's not like you decide to change today and the next morning when you wake up you suddenly become a totally different person. But, if no one is telling me where I'm going wrong with people how am I going to know what to change right? =( 

Damn, I miss high school! Minus the strict discipline and the whole learning stuff part. LOL. I miss all the time that we used to spend together in school. I miss all the crazy stuff that we do without caring about our image. I miss how when we wanted to see and talk with each other we could just run over to their classroom in between classes. I miss our boy craziness where we would do stupid stuff just because of a boy who doesn't even care to look at us twice. I miss watching the guys playing football, basketball or whatever sport that they do. I miss the classrooms where we did all the random crazy stuff, the hall where we had our exams, the field where we had our weekly morning assembly, the basketball court where we had our PE class... I even miss sports day! (Though I hate sports I love that day just because everyone from every class and every form is all hanging around the field and I could stare non-stop. :P) Time doesn't turn back though so all of this will forever remain a memory. 

Okay, enough with the reminiscing! Just random thoughts. Anyway, done with my crapping already. :D When you're feeling down and lonely, anything just randomly comes to your mind. Feels much better after crapping it all out. So I have another piece of essay. Weird that this much inspiration doesn't come when it comes to me finishing a report or assignment. 

Thanks for staying till the end. ;) 

P/S Chatting with you always seem to lift my spirits up. =) Cheers! BFFs all the way! xoxo

06 February 2010

Come Back of 2010

After 5 months of abandoning my blog, I'm finally back!!! Knowing me, this is probably 'cause of my laziness. But, if my memory serves me right, after the previous post I was quite busy with a huge pile of assessments and assignments. Like it always is at the end of the semester. After December 1st, when I had my last final paper of Law, it was 2 months of holidays for me. Nothing much happened actually so nothing much to blog about. Spent most of those 2 months cooped up in an office cubicle working. Honestly, the work was boring and the hours were long. I was kinda like an office girl + clerk, most of the things I did was typing, filing, faxing, photostatting, etc... But the pay was quite good so no complains there. My very first job! Wow!! Can't really believed that it happened.

Brief overview of the more exciting events that happened during my semester break:

December 4th & 5th, went for a two-day trip up to Cameron Highlands with four other families which were dad's previous schoolmates. Quite an enjoyable and relaxing trip. Haven't been to Cameron for quite a while too. I envy my dad and his friends for still keeping their friendship strong though some of them have already moved out of KL. It's been only a year for me and I've already started losing touch with some of my friends. =( Actually, there was nothing much to do there but since it was a short trip there weren't much extra time anyway. The weather there was also nice and refreshing.

December 24th, Christmas eve & ZhiYing's birthday. Went to McD at Auto City after work to meet up with ZhiYing for a small gathering to celebrate her birthday. She even made her own birthday cake and brought some to share with us, which was delicious. ^^ JingWen and SinYen also showed up later. Ah Boo (too many 'Xin Yi' to name.. ==) was also supposed to come but she was stuck in a traffic jam at Penang bridge. Sat around and gossiped about our various school life then decided to walk over to the other side with the stage to see what was going on. Walked around blindly for awhile then went over to the stage where the cast of 高校铁金刚 were promoting their show, along with Nicholas, the MYfm announcer. ZhiYing was taking pictures of them non-stop with her sister's camera like a paparazzi. Even though none of us were really into them. Lolx. I didn't wait for the countdown and left earlier. There probably would be a major traffic jam after 12am when everyone is heading home after the countdown. No point getting caught in the traffic with everyone else.

December 31st, the last day of 2009. Typical of me, I just spent that day at home watching countdown TV programmes. Hah.. Everywhere is probably jammed up so I'm feeling lazy to step outside. Watched fireworks from my mom's bedroom window. That was all. What a boring way to usher in the new year, I know. But that is what I do almost every year for the past 18 years of my life. I'm a boring person anyway. You would know that just by reading my blog. This whole blog just screams out one word - "BORING!!!".

Enough of the past, back to the present. First week of February 2010, also my first week of TAFE semester 3. It's only the first week but already the lecturers have started pressuring us. Especially for Tax, which has a high failure rate of 55%!! Plus, there's more subjects and 3 external papers. This should be the worst sem for the whole course. Sigh~ But at least there isn't some stupid, boring MPW subject this sem. I really should work harder and put in more effort for this sem. No more time for me to slack off and relax and postpone things to the last minute. Prolly gonna drown myself in a sea of books soon enough.

Besides, first week only and I'm already starting to hate two of the new lecturers. I'm sorry but I hate teachers who always like to ask questions in class!! It makes me extra nervous, being the shy and introvert girl that I am, to speak up in front of everyone and having their attention all focused on me!!! Especially for Business Plan, only 5 minutes into class with the lecturer introducing the subject and already I've hated it. Even before the part where she starts asking questions. Luckily this subject is for 7 weeks only. But it's still long enough. I didn't really sign up for business when I chose accounting. And the business section is the most boring part of the whole newspaper, that's why lazy people like me just skip that section, thus we completely have no knowledge on business whatsoever. So please stop asking us questions and rolling your eyes and making that 'Like that also you don't know ah!' kind of face when we don't know the answers to your questions. Your job is to teach us what we don't know mah.. Haiyo. (Or maybe I'm the only ignorant one.. ==) Strongly reminds me of my form 3 English teacher lar... Same same pattern. Even have almost the same name. Swt...

Classes ended earlier on Wednesday so we (as in XinYi, SokWern & me.. it's always the three of us only.. T.T) went to Gurney Red Box. Thought that since we were going to be damn busy from now on, might as well relax and enjoy first while we still have the time to do so. XP After about 4 hours of singing and shouting, we went for 'dinner' at Tanjung Bungah around 10pm.

Friday's classes is the worst! Starting from 8am till 6pm with a 4-hour break in between. Waste of my time. If only the last class could start earlier then I could go home earlier too. As you know, the bridge gets clogged up during office hours. Especially on Fridays when most people who are working on the island will head home to the mainland for their weekend. Worse still, next Friday is the eve of CNY eve, everyone will definitely be rushing back to their 'kampungs' for CNY. Anyway, during the long break, we headed to Makatsuki for lunch then went to Gurney, again, to pass the remaing time till the next class.

To all my friends out there whom I've failed to contact within this few months and you're wondering how I'm doing, sorry to disappoint, but I'm still the same as always. Plain, boring and lazy. That's why, as usual, my blog is lacking pictures and any other special formats. I prefer it nice and simple. ;P

16 August 2009

Quite an unlucky week for me. Sigh~ Nothing really seem to go my way.

Well... all was going well on Monday. Xin Yi took us to Prangin Mall during the four-hour break in between classes. Had quite an enjoyable time there. But later at night Sok Wern received a bad news from home and she had to rush home. So I was left alone at the hostel for the whole week. Luckily one of her friends, Mun Mun, accompanied me and I didn't have to sleep alone for the week.

Classes ended at 1pm on Tuesday. At first, we planned to either watch a movie or sing our hearts out. But then Xin Yi changed 'watching a movie' to Wednesday during another four-hour break (I'm starting to hate these long breaks... nothing to do in between...) and since Sok Wern has gone home and it's just the two of us, plans were cancelled. After class, Xin Yi took me and Si Jie (a girl from China who's in the same course) out to have lunch. Met our law lecturer, Mr Tan Chee Keong, there. Kinda akward.

Wednesday, wanted to watch Overheard but Xin Yi was feeling unwell. Headed to Queensbay anyway for lunch then accompanied her to the hospital for a checkup. I should've gotten a mask. Feel that somehow the hospital's air is more polluted with viruses. Hah! Still had some time before class starts so went to Xin Yi's house again (recently been going there quite often). Then she decides not to attend class since she has a medical leave anyway, so she kindly sent me back to college and then went home herself. What a nice girl.. I owe you $5,000... or maybe $50,000 by now..? Lolx. (insider's joke)

Nothing much happened on Thursday, just that Xin Yi's flu got a bit more serious. Hope you get well soon gurl~

The lecturer warned us about some suspected H1N1 cases in the TAFE sem 1 students. Heard that a few of my 'juniors', those new students in sem 1, were either at the hopital or quaratined at home. My friend's friend also said that about half the students in sem 1 were absent from class. The college is also giving away free masks for the whole college. It seems like things are getting more serious here at Inti.

So people, drink more H2O and take care of yourselves. Prevention is better than cure. ^^

09 August 2009

3 August, Monday
Had a four-hour break from 12pm to 4pm. Xin Yi had to go to Loh Guan Lye hospital to pass something to her mom who was having a medical checkup there. We wanted to eat dim sum again opposite KDU college but as it was quite late already the food were almost finished. So we had to change the place where we're having lunch. Wasn't really familiar with the roads and places so we were like simply driving around the place. Penang people don't know Penang roads. Ish.. I don't really have a very good sense of direction. And I'm more familiar with the roads here in Butterworth. Anyway, we ended up having lunch at New World Park. We finished lunch at around 2pm and had no where else to go so headed to Xin Yi's condo somewhere near Greenlane. Watched 100% Entertainment and laughed till our stomachs hurt. Haven't watched Xiao Zhu & Xiao Gui for quite a long time. After the show went back to college to continue our accounting class.

5 August, Wednesday
Nothing to do during the four-hour break so went to Xin Yi's house to sleep. XD Just when we arrived she took us to an outdoor gymnasium just outside the condo. Rare pics taken by us there. Haha.. Stupid pics. @@

Had law class after that at the lecture theater. Since the class had lesser students than expected, the lecturer changed our class to another smaller lecture room. So this is the last time we'll be at the lecture theater. Took some pics for 'remembrance'. Feel so sampat and xia sui... =.=

6 August, Thursday
After class went to Queensbay again. Wanted to watch Overheard but the showing was too late so settled for The Proposal. Many have watched it and many have said it's nice. Have to agree to that. Good balance between humor and romance. But the romance seems kinda unlikely. He hates his boss for three years and then after three days together he falls in love with her?!?! Don't really think it can happen in real life. Starting to dig Ryan Reynolds now. Hehe.. =P

31 July 2009

27 July, Monday
Went back to the hostel this morning. Halfway there, Sin Nee phoned and said that the lecturer was on medical leave so classes were cancelled. Therefore, we have the whole day free. Didn't have anything much to do so went to Gurney with Sok Wern, Sin Nee and Xin Yi. Went to Red Box and sang for about 3 hours. We were coughing and having sore throats but still managed to belt out all those songs. Luckily we still had our voices after that although it was a bit coarse. After that, walked around a bit then headed home.

28 July, Tuesday
Had law class at 8am early in the morning. I think almost more than half the class were struggling to stay awake during the lecture. Had a hard time trying to keep my eyes open. This is the most torturing subject ever, worse than Malaysian Studies. Dad is starting to lecture me about not failing law. 'It would not only be a waste of your time and also my money if you fail law and have to retake the same paper next sem.' Haizz... Wondering how to ace this subject when staying awake in class is already a problem.

Later on had MYOB at 10am. MYOB is a computing software that records accounts. Now that everything is computerised, it's only normal for us to learn how to record accounts in the computer. At first thought that it would be a breeze but it turned out harder than I expected. Plus the lecturer was teaching so fast half of us were blur and confused most of the time. Starting to hate computer classes from now.

And its not just computer that I'm starting to hate. Law is the most boring subject ever. Accounts... well, accounts is not actually boring but the lecturer somehow makes you feel like dozing off. Hate these subjects partly because of the lecturer. And now is only the second week. Wondering how to survive for the rest of the semester. Another minor drawback: the text books are damn thick and heavy. My whole body aches just by carrying those damn books and climbing up the stairs.

After MYOB there's another hour of accounts but the lecturer is still on medical leave so class was cancelled again. Wanted to go to Queensbay to shop or maybe catch a movie but unluckily there was no transport so headed back to the hostel to catch forty winks. Spent too much money yesterday anyway. Must save money!!

29 July, Wednesday
Had accounting class at 8am again today. Lazy to wake up so early in the morning even though it used to be earlier in high school. There was a 4-hour break in between as the next class starts at 3pm. So headed to Queensbay for lunch and to spend the rest of the hours. Lunched at Kim Gary, again. Walked, walked and walked then headed back to college for law class. Probably cause of the coffee (which is actually 'ying yang', mixed with tea) I drank for lunch or maybe cause today's topic was a tad more interesting, I was actually feeling quite energetic for the full 3 hours of the class. But still at times it was quite boring. I think it's because of the way the lecturer lectures. Class ended at 6pm and was dead tired. Feels like the longest day ever.

31 July, Friday
31st is Baskin Robbin's day. Lolx~ Had a two-hour break in between classes so went to Queensbay again as Xin Yi wanted to have Baskin Robbins. Had our lunch at Secret Recipe but then there wasn't enough time for ice cream and there was a long queue. So went back to classes without ice cream. =( After class, Sin Nee fetched me back home to Inderawasih. As I didn't had my share of ice cream, asked dad to buy for me so we went to Jusco as it's the only place on mainland that has BR. Heheh...

31st of July... My cousin's birthday. So... Happy Birthday to Mun Yeu~~ ^^

26 July 2009

The first week of class was... hectic. First day back to college after a month of break and the lecturers just start introducing the new subjects. Worse still, something was wrong with the air-conditioners so we were sweating like hell the whole day. As no one could really study in those conditions, classes were dismissed early that day. And besides, most of us haven't gotten the textbooks yet so no point in teaching much anyway.

This semester's subjects seems more difficult and tough... and boring. First class of law and everyone were like dozing off. Wonder how I'm gonna manage for the rest of the sem. According to the lecturer, law has a high failure rate. Yikes!! Think I'm gonna have to work harder and put in more effort in order to score higher. Assignments are also a hell lot more than last sem. No more last minutes!!! Keep telling myself so but always failing to do so. Hopefully this time I'll definitely change.

Besides that, the first week was kinda ok. Starting to count down the days till spring break in September. XD