16 December 2008


DAMMIT!!!! Almost finished typing this blog mana tau press one wrong button then accidentally deleted all and the stupid thing chose that moment to autosave!!!! WTF!!! Feeling so pissed right now!!!!

Went for the undang today. ALONE. So sien laa.. Almost fell asleep there. Duno how people survive that thing ar. Wait.. I just survived it. XD Wakaka~

Planning to have a gathering at Queensbay either this Thursday or Friday. Mom used this as an excuse to force me to go for the undang. "If you don't go undang then you don't go anywhere else this holidays until you go for undang!!" Anyway, undang is over now so I'm free to go anywhere I like. Haven't gone shopping together with Leonie for years. So hopefully we'll enjoy ourselves that day before we part our own ways after. Very grateful that we were in the same class this last year of high school. I don't think things will turn out like this if we weren't in the same class.

Most probably going down to KL next week. Maybe even celebrating the Christmas holidays there. Will be back before New Year so my friends, we can go countdown and celebrate New Year together. Zhi Ying.. my beloved lao gong~~ So sorry I can't celebrate your birthday together with you. So so sorry. Never mind, we can go countdown New Year together.. with our two daughters. Family reunion. Haha. Long time didn't go out together liao laa...

Just finished reading Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now. Thanks to Leonie for lending me this awesome book. She is always the source to many of the books that I've read. My personal library. Haha XD This is quite a touching story about a woman and an imaginary man who falls in love with each other. Suddenly makes me feel like having an imaginary friend. *thinks hardly* Nah... my imagination is not so powerful to create another friend. Cecelia Ahern's stories have a special kind of element in it, a twist in a typical love story. Her stories are quite touching. Even though I've only read 3 of her books so far, I've liked them all. And it was Leonie who so kindly borrowed her books to me and recommended them to me. =D Dunno who will lend me novels any more when you've gone to Canada. Gonna miss you......

Current thought : Fictional characters dazzle me. Frequently.

10 December 2008


9th December 2008 is Tan Yih Chia's 17th birthday. So I'd like to wish her a Happy Birthday (even though it's a little late). Hope all your dreams and wishes may come true. Good luck in your future undertakings and be happy always. =]

Went to the 'Light Bulb' education fair & seminar with Yih Chia at Summit Hotel. Meet a few schoolmates there, both primary and secondary. Wasn't quite as boring as I expected. But wasn't that fun either. Lolxx...

After that, we headed to Jusco. Went window-shopping and just watched a movie Bolt. Not a bad movie. The dog is so cute~~ Nothing much happened there. Just walked around the complex and met a few other people. Su Lin was supposed to join us but she went out with her parents that day. Never mind lah.. we go out together next time.

Nothing much happening during this holidays. Gonna be bored to death whole day looking at these four walls only. Unlike Yih Chia who is so busy she has a full schedule, everyday going out with a different group of people. Haizz...

Currently reading Eclipse. Feeling torn between Edward & Jacob. Bella is so cruel towards Jacob. If she chooses Edward, she should just dump Jacob. She is hurting everyone and she knows perfectly well she can't have both of them at the same time. Hah~ Hope this situation won't happen in my life.. Lolz

Quote of the day : "Would it be childish of me to hide in your closet" - Edward [New Moon]

02 December 2008


Boring holidays. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.

All I do is just eat and sleep. And in between, the usual stuff that almost every teen does. Surf net, listen music, blogging, chatting, read books. But after awhile, everything just gets boring. Try repeating the same routine daily. Argh~~ someone get me out of here!!! Can't wait for the class trip to Batu Feringghi. Something new and special and fun. Then back to the same old routine. Haizzz....

Someone told me something earlier. Something to do with boyfriends, girlfriends and the lovey-dovey stuff. That got me thinking, thinking about things that usually turn my mood down and making me go *sigh*. She even said "maybe I don't deserve true love". I think everyone has a true love. It's just the matter of time before you find it. We're still young now and there's plenty of time ahead for us. So why worry about finding your true love now.

It's just that... I suddenly realize I've been wasting my time all this while. (actually not very sudden) Wasting it on one damn guy who is such a big jerk!! Hate him for that!!! And the worse is that he can act as though nothing happened. The thing I hate most about myself is that I still have hopes for him. Darn it.. there shouldn't be any hope anymore. Unrequited love hurts.. no matter what they say. Maybe it hurts more when you lost the one you love. Like Bella and the hole in her chest. It's all just fate. It's fate that you meet someone, fall in love with them and the things that happen between both of you after that. 'Hitsuzen', like what Yuko-san said. (1st episode of xxxHOLiC)

Starting my new quest in search of the perfect boyfriend, my true love. (Who am I kidding... ==) No doubt there will be complications and hindrances or maybe other paths that will lead you the wrong way. But in the end you'll reach your destiny. Right??? Right. Wish I can find my Edward.

so true~

Quote of the day : "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" - Edward [Twilight]