21 February 2009


Second week of school is not much different from the first week. Sleeping later, waking up later, getting to school later... Everything getting later and later.

Classes have officially started. No more ice-breaking sessions, no more introductions. Accounts and finance are all new to me as I haven't learnt any of that before in high school. The subjects are quite interesting and it seems easier to grasp the concept than science. Or maybe it's just me. Hehe. The most boring subject of all is Malaysian Studies. I always wondered what that subject is as it is compulsory for all Malaysian students in any private colleges. To my horror it turns out to be Sejarah translated into English. Argh!!! Sejarah is my worst subject ever (besides Add Maths). And as it is a compulsory subject you have to pass the subject. Fail it and you have to resit the exam till you pass. WTH!!! Worse, the teacher teaching this subject has a toneless voice, making you feel so sleepy and restless, as if the subject itself is not boring enough. Sigh~

Assignments!!! Just the second week of school and the teachers have already started giving out assignments. Actually they just told us when are the assignments we still have to wait for the topics and titles. There is a subject in my course which is called Communication in the Workplace. And there is an oral assignment where you have to role play with someone about something related to the workplace. In front of the whole class. Damn it. I have stage fright how to go act in front of so many people??!! *pulls hair* Dreading it so much. Hopefully I can perform well enough.

p/s Still waiting for that laptop of mine.

14 February 2009


First week of school. Hmm... Doesn't feel like college life is so fun, like what you see in movies or read in books. Maybe because it's just the first week of school and I'm still new to it. Hope that by the time I finish my tertiary education I would have had an interesting and enjoying college life. Hopefully it will add a whole lot of new and unforgettable memories to my mind.

Actually, for me now, college seems a little boring. There's sometimes a two-hour break in between lessons and you don't know what to do with the extra time. Lessons haven't actually started yet so there isn't any homework or revision to be done. No laptop yet so can't online and even so the wireless network is so damn slow. So all there is to do at night and during free time is just sitting around, staring at nothingness, waiting for time to pass and wishing the needles on the clock/watch could move faster.

First weekend back from the school hostel staying for the first week. Nothing special about the hostel. Feels like living in a low class hotel with a bunch of friends and some strangers. Lolx. The place is quite clean and spacious, except those rooms with double-decker beds. The food... *cough cough* quite edible. Mostly call delivery food from outside, which is slightly better.

Today is Valentine's Day. Still single and lonely as usual. But spent the day differently this year with a special someone, Su Lin, my bebe~~ Went to Jusco (again) and watch The Pink Panther 2. We were the odd couple in the whole cinema there. It was actually supposed to be a 5S6 gathering but then suddenly everyone had something else to do so in the end left the both of us only. Thanks to Su Lin for willing to accompany me during this lonely Valentine's. =D

p/s Desperately in need of a new laptop to cure my boredom. Anyone willing to give it to me as an early birthday present? =P

06 February 2009


Today went to INTI for the TAFE orientation. Nothing really special about it. In fact, it was quite boring. There were just people and representatives giving speeches and briefing us about the course and facilities in the school. Most of the TAFE students are girls and about 80% of them does not have an accounting base. Like me. That's a good thing.

English seems to be the main language of communication in college, although there is quite a large number of Chinese students there. I suddenly feel grateful that my parents are from English schools and that I've spoken English since I was small. Though not very often since I started learning Mandarin. But still it feels kinda weird communicating with friends in English. I'm only used to speaking English with my family. For 11 years during my primary and secondary school times, I've been using Mandarin as my main speaking language. Although my written English is good (according to my teachers and friends, not self-boasting..), it still feels weird to really speak it out loud. So now.. I'll have to brush up on my communication and public speaking skills. And also be more extrovert...

Yesterday went to the hairdresser's wanting to trim my hair. Haven't cut it in months. *Thinks back* Hmm... since graduation till now. Not really sure what to do with my hair. Till the hairdresser suggested that I straighten my hair. Actually I've been wanting to do that it's just that my mom didn't want me to. But in the end she gave in so now I finally have my hair straighten. Somehow I look like a different person now. It looks kinda strange as I haven't quite gotten used to the new look yet. But no regrets there...

Classes will be starting next week. So most probably I won't be online that often anymore. Hopefully all goes well with my new college life and I'll be able to cope with the hectic lifestyle.

p/s Valentine's Day is about a week away. Don't think that I could possibly find a date for that day so spending Valentine's alone again. Sigh~

Quote of the day : "That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call them something else."