29 March 2009

In a blink of an eye it's already the end of March. 3 months into 2009 yet it still doesn't feel like another brand new year. Maybe 'cause this year everything has changed and is not the same as usual.

It's already the end of Week 7 for my Semester 1. That's about half the semester gone excluding breaks and exams. Next Wednesday having the final exam in Accounting 1. Time really do flies. Hoping to get distinctions so as to get merit awards from the college. Heard that some of my course mates are switching colleges as Inti doesn't offer full scholarships for straight A's students. Hopefully that will reduce my competition in class. Hehe~

Of the 7 weeks that I've been at the hostel, this week is the most interesting week. Thanks to Su Lynn for being the bridge of communication between us girls and them boys. And also thanks to them for willing to fetch the few of us out to eat. Life at the hostel is so damn boring without transports to go out. Thanks to those boys who have cars, life is not that colourless anymore.

One main thing that I don't like about the hostel is the network coverage. That's one disadvantage of living at the ground floor. So if I didn't reply any of your messages, it's most probably because I haven't received it yet. DiGi's "I will follow you~" is a lie. Didn't follow me to my hostel. Swt. The wireless connection is also very bad. Most of the time I can connect to the network but somehow the MSN and Internet Explorer can't connect. What's the use of the connection?! Can't even online. Damn it!!!

Passed my Malaysian Studies for the time being. Thank God~ I really really didn't study for the quiz at all. Just hope that I can pass the remaining tests and exams. Work hard work smart.. All the best to me... Lolx~

22 March 2009

March 17, Tuesday

The 18th birthday of my new friend and driver - Ong Xin Yi. She's from Alor Setar and is staying in one of her brother's girlfriend's house so she has a car and drives to college everyday. Thanks to her we've saved a few trips walking back to the hostel and had a few drives around the area. If it wasn't for your car, life in the hostel would be even boring. So for her birthday my roommate, Sok Wern, (who is also a friend of hers) and I, decided to give her surprise. There was also another boy, Eu Shane, whom I knew through Xin Yi. We lied to her that we needed to get to Queensbay desperately to buy something in order for her to take us there. Had Kim Gary for dinner there. Bought an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins for her. Then we drove over to the beach opposite QB to have our cake there. A whole new and special experience regarding birthdays. The cake was melting and all we had for utensils were tissues and the paper box. Lolx~ The whole place was a mess after we were done there.



Sok Wern

Xin Yi

March 18, Wednesday

Finally.. the day that I've been dreading. Had my presentation first thing in the morning. Felt so nervous speaking in public. Actually the presentation was running quite smoothly but my group had to re-do as the lecturer said our voice was too soft. But after the 2nd attempt, he told me "I think your voice is naturally soft." OMG!!! I thought my voice was loud enough... T_T Luckily he let us pass. =D

At night went to the Inti Street Blast held at the college car park with Su Lynn and her group of HSC friends. Only 3 people plus me from my class went to that party. Why? Cause the next day we have Malaysian Studies quiz. I'm not really those type of people who can't enjoy and relax just because there's tests or quizzes. And Malaysian Studies is a compulsary non-relevant subject. We have to take it just because we're Malaysians. Sigh~ Anyway.. the party was not bad. Had buffet dinner catered by Bamboo. There were performances by some students at Inti and games too. Overall it was quite fun. Completely forgot about my quiz the next day. Studied last minute later that night but can't absorb anything into my brain. =( Waiting to die the following day.

March 19, Thursday

8.30am had the Malaysian Studies quiz. As expected, didn't know how to answer the questions. Only knew 2 out of 5. Swt. Tis the result of not studying. Aikzz. Finished my quiz at about 9.30am then went back to the hostel to sleep. Hate Malaysian Studies lo... waste all my time & energy.

Tuesday having another accounts test again. WTH!!!

p/s Finally got my brand new laptop. OK.. it's not really brand new. Dad bought it from the return unit. But.. you get what I mean...

13 March 2009

The big day has finally arrived!! The long awaited day that the SPM results are out. It may be the best day or the worst day of your life. To me, it's somewhere in between those lines.

The good thing about today is that I get to meet old friends whom I haven't seen since we finished our SPM. And thanks to Su Lin & Yih Chia for giving me my birthday presents already. There's still about 2 more weeks till my birthday. Good luck to 1+. Take care of yourself when you're in NS.

The bad thing... definitely is the unexpected results. Really didn't expect it. Truthfully, I was shocked when I got the results. Tiffany even said that maybe it's the education department's mistake. But maybe it's just because I didn't put in enough effort. Should've worked harder. Or maybe I was just unlucky this time. Then again, I think I've already tried my best. But my best should be better. Aikzz.. Anyway, this is already a thing of the past. Today will be the day that I'll end this chapter in my life. I've already started a new chapter anyway. No point crying over spilt milk right.. you can't change the past. So now all I can do is to strive harder to achieve better results in the future.

To those who scored with flying colours, congratulations to all of you. To those who wasn't so good (like me), this isn't the end of the world. There will still be a bright future ahead for you. Be optimistic and don't be so disappointed. (mostly talking to myself)

Next week having the presentation. Still haven't prepare the script. Aikzzz... Starting to get nervous about it.

01 March 2009

Getting busier and busier nowadays. Assignments, quizzes, tests... The list goes on and on. College life is just so hectic. And it's just the beginning of it. Yet I still find extra time on my hands to do meaningless things. Still the same. Keeping everything till the last minute to finish it. Sigh~

Haven't been to Queensbay for quite some time. Then suddenly went there four days in a row. Wth!!!

Tuesday: Afternoon's class was cancelled due to a massive blackout at the college. Headed over to QB as the hostel was affected too, I think. Heard others talking about it. Didn't really went there to check.

Wednesday: Classes ended at 2pm so went to QB after that. This was the original plan.

Thursday: Su Lynn and I had nothing to do that night so headed to QB to catch a movie. Watched Love Matters. Damn funny~ Thanks to Yiing Chau & Xuan Hong for fetching us there and back. ^^

Friday: 11am class was cancelled cause the teacher was on medical leave. The next class starts at 3pm so headed to QB again for lunch. Wanted to go over to Gurney but didn't know the way. Aikzz...

Great big thanks to Xin Yi for being our driver and fetching us there. Many people by the name of 'Xin Yi'. Such a common name. 'Pasar name' she said so herself. Lolx

SPM results are coming out on 12 March. Or maybe 13. Time really flies. So fast then it's time to take the long-awaited results. But suprisingly I don't really feel nervous about it. And hopefully everyone passes with flying colours. We'll get to meet back friends and ex-classmates that we haven't seen much these days. Hope everyone has an enjoyable day that day.

Having a presentation on the 18th of March. Prays hard that everything goes smoothly that day. We have to wear office wear for the presentation. Going shopping again sometime soon...