08 June 2013

No turning back

Life is a road full of decisions. We all start on the same road and as we walk along it branches into many other smaller paths for us to choose. The only thing is that once we've chosen a path there is no turning back for us to choose another. No matter how that road you chose is, whether it's smooth or bumpy, you would just have to walk till the end. And you would never ever know what it's like if you chose the other path. 

The grass is greener on the other side. That is what most of the people think. Just because they haven't seen the grass on the other side, they automatically assume it will be better than the grass on their own side. The thing is, just because the grass on your side is not green enough for you does not mean that the grass on the other side is necessarily greener. They may not even be grass on the other side. People on the other side will also think that the grass is greener on your side. 

One of the things in life is that it is a one-way trip. You can't turn back time to change the path of your choice. What is done is done. So all you can do is stick to the path you've chosen and live with it. You may think that what you've got now is bad but on the other path it could have been worse. Life has its ups and downs and you won't be in the down forever. So be optimistic and look forward to the brighter future. 

Anyway, I'm thinking too much again. Over-thinking kills you, seriously. If only I could just get rid of that stupid habit. And yeah, parties & gatherings seem so much more awesome when you're not there. The good stuff always happens when you're not there. I wonder why... Life is never fair.

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